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We address our services to any business, where supporting business processes with innovative IT solutions is a substantial factor for an increased efficiency.

We work closely with corporations, middle-sized and small companies, where core operations are consuming most of the resources and there is a demand for extensive support for complementary processes from a trustworthy partner.

Our services include:  HR (recruitment, body leasing/outsourcing, trainings) as well as IT (system implementation, consulting, business support) for clients in many fields, such as: IT, telecom, finance and insurance, administration or public services.

Our solutions are broadly used not only in Poland but also abroad in UK, Germany, Scandinavia and other EU countries.

HR Outsourcing
IT soultions
Business consulting
Co-op models

HR Outsourcing

The HR outsourcing services include resources management (ensuring that right employees are available on time for clients with regards to the current project needs) as well as personnel consulting (recruiting and recommending staff). In both cases we concentrate on finding a perfect match to your needs and effectively driving recruitment process.

  • Staff Outsourcing
    (body leasing)
  • Permanent placement
  • Payroll and human
    resources outsourcing

Staff outsourcing lets you temporarily (or permanently) extend the size of your teams with additional qualified specialists, without offering a permanent employment.

P&P Solutions will make sure to bring on board qualified employees for short- or long-term jobs. Our CV database is constantly updated and growing everyday, which gives us the opportunity to propose consulting services even in very unique fields.

We can also help your business giving you an entire team of specialists, where particular tasks are assigned and scheduled. All the candidates are carefully assessed during our internal recruitment process – in particular about their experience and technical knowledge.

P&P Solutions recruitment team consists of IT and HR specialists, who acquire local, national and international talents.

In P&P solutions we care about best candidates, that is why we carefully inspect personal and technical qualities of potential employees. Knowing that time is precious we are tailoring the recruitment process to the potential role to be taken by candidate.

Recruiting IT specialists is one of our core services. High quality is assured by:

Candidates database with over 30 000 records
Experience in finding right people among specialists on the market
Experience in recruitment process and competencies verification

Our searching and selection methods include:

  • Direct search;
  • Networking;
  • Social media;
  • Recommendations;
  • DB analysis;
  • Cooperation with University Career Offices (practices, internships and other);
  • Direct interviews and references verification
  • Press and internet announcements

P&P Solutions recruitment process gives you the opportunity to hire right people for the job – we carefully verify competencies and experience of candidates.

Additionally you might be also interested in our supplementary services, that will help with the evaluations: Assessment/Development Center (AC/DC) and Outdoor Development Center (ODC) . We can also help with raising your staff effectiveness during each stage of recruitment process, offering dedicated trainings – e.g. for HR concerning soft skills, periodical assessments, career development/career planning or for managers concerning management methodologies, periodical assessments, communication skills, coaching.

P&P Solutions also offers a possibility for you to outsource payroll and human resources processes. The service is rolled out by formally taking over client employees.

 „Companies decide to outsource their processes to increase savings - in a long-term perspective such a move is profitable. First of all the vendor will potentially be more effective – properly organized and well trained vendor staff is capable of delivering services for bigger groups than the client could ever handle. The need for specialised trainings (e.g. regarding labour law, social security or health insurance) also goes off the client plate within this model, as the vendor will handle them. The process leads to lowering not only the personal costs but also the ones connected with software and hardware maintenance, office rental or archiving the data. Additionally this model brings flexibility to the scale of the company when, for example, growing or extending your activities. When the headcount goes down, payroll costs will also go down and when it goes up – payroll will naturally become more expensive.

In most cases the financial motivation behind a decision to outsource payroll services is the most important factor for the companies, however security also plays a big role here. The risk of unforeseen events, such as sick leaves, holidays or an absence of key personnel (e.g. main accountant) might seriously affect the stability of even the most precisely organized business. The remedy comes with delegating payroll and HR activities to the 3rd party, giving you a guaranteed, on-time, uninterrupted and precise delivery. The vendor is responsible here for the quality and any possible mistakes reimbursement. The vendor also carefully follows any law regulations changes to make sure no penalties or sanctions hit the client. The tranquillity in case of any government audits is also invaluable.

Another important factor when deciding to outsource payroll is ensuring that any confidential information is safely stored, especially when dealing with salaries and bonuses - when data is stored and secured outside it is less prone to unauthorized access. Nevertheless the client will have permanent and unlimited access to this data, allowing him to react for changes in a glance. Existing developed IT infrastructure allows generating multiple reports, analysis, statistics, etc. that ultimately help with human resources management. Personal data is also secured as the vendor takes full responsibility for storing and processing it”


IT outsourcing in other words is contracting specialized 3rd party to deal with crucial processes, needed for company to continue its business, that will be undertaken more efficiently in comparison to internal resources. This way the company becomes more flexible by lowering its fixed costs and still having the possibility to properly manage its side activities while concentrating on core processes.

Usually supplementary activities that are not directly connected with core business are outsourced.

Among many advantages of such solution we can mention:

  • Optimised maintenance costs (vendor is responsible for both: supporting and maintaining the system)
  • Eliminated or reduced risk connected with employees trainings coming from rotations
  • Higher flexibility (growing documents amount would result only with updating orders, while the vendor takes full responsibility for the process)
  • Lower contract management costs (usually one person on client side monitoring SLA indicator would suffice).

Outsourcing is introduced in five general steps:

Analysing requirements and needs for outsourcing, resulting in specifying which processes are to be distinctextracted
Planning implementation process, where procedures are prepared
Monitoring outsourcing effectiveness
and updating outsourcing process

The client and vendor might approach IT outsourcing differently: sometimes this results in re-organizing IT department, where user expectations are analysed, tenders are organized or services and bundles are bought. Sometimes it might go more towards joint cooperation, where applications are deployed together, on-going infrastructure and software maintenance is performed, data is securely archived and stored, etc. On the other hand telecommunication outsourcing should be treated differently. Non-telecom companies might still benefit from the latest technologies in this area without the need to invest in costly installations.

IT outsourcing also covers the services needed to recover from failure, when clients IT system as a whole or partially goes down (e.g. as a result of natural disasters like floods, fires or quakes). A successful recovery is not only a matter of proper equipment or software but also adequate emergency procedures.

Advanced outsourcing might potentially lead to 100% independence, where IT dept. will no longer be needed and all its duties will be taken over by vendor. On client side this usually results in keeping just one point of contact to coordinate daily duties. Sometimes outsourcing is just partial, when vendor administrates just some applications or systems.

IT solutions

Alternatively to outsourcing just the resources needed to build the product we are also offering bundle packs, where we conduct the entire project, adjusted to the individual needs of the ordering party.

Such projects usually include the one or more of the following stages:

Requirements analysis
Architecture design
Prototype building
Post-deployment support

The most common cooperation model with such services is fixed price, where the price is being settled and the very beginning of the project, based on requirements specification delivered by the client. The service includes performing a defined part or the entire project. The invoice is delivered after finishing the project or in a previously agreed moment. In many cases positive experience results with a client engaging us for another project, even when the first one is still ongoing.

P&P Solutions team experience and broad knowledge about IT and telecom market ensure we are able to perform projects in a professional and solid way. Hiring P&P solutions to outsource your IT projects you are selecting the highest possible quality.

Business consulting

Within IT consulting we are also offering a portfolio of additional services: starting from technology consulting (which is preceded with business process effectiveness analysis and recognizing the ones that need to be supported), through defining, describing and verifying business requirements and converting them to technical/project requirements, up to deployment management along with technical support. We are also offering our support for a project contractor selection process.

Our technical and business competencies, strengthened with soft skills indicate we are able to undertake the most complicated projects, where so-called human factor is as equally important as the technical and organizational aspects of the project.

Co-op models

Flexibility and individual approach are the main characteristics of P&P Solutions. As a result we always work out the most effective and satisfying cooperation model for both sides.

Available models include:

Personnel consulting

The fee is charged after signing with proposed candidate. This model is also known as „success fee” – you are not charged a penny in advance.

Time & Material

It is based on charging for the actual time spent by each project member (called mandays). Any interruptions (such as holidays, sick leaves, etc.) are not included. In this model the total amount is counted by multiplying number of days when the work was delivered multiplied by a manday rate for a particular person.

Try & Hire (mixed model)

It is a mix of time & material and personnel consulting. It assumes that we are starting with services for a client based on body leasing (so the employee is still formally hired by P&P Solutions) and further on we can sign an agreement and transfer the employee to your company.

The longer the period of personnel consulting is – the lower is the rate for body leasing. The main advantage of this model is that body leasing can be treated as a sort of „probation period” that can last from 3 to even 12 months. It is worth noticing that the labour law regulations (e.g. regarding notice period) are not applicable from your perspective as P&P Solutions takes full responsibility for the employment during body leasing period.

Fixed Price

It is dedicated for IT systems deployment and business consulting, with individual pricing, depending on the scope of the project.